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International Night-Volunteers Needed!

Our 10th annual International Night event is fast approaching. This year, it will be
celebrated on April 16th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Every year we have had participation from parents and the community to help make
this evening successful. As in past years, we are looking for participants and
volunteers/sponsors for the following areas:
-Performances (singing, dancing, instruments, etc. –related to specific cultures)
-Cultural dishes
-Cultural artifacts to display on tables.

We will be showcasing the following regions/continents:
- Africa
- Asia
- Australia
- Caribbean
- Latin America
- Middle East
- North America/Canada

Our students have been extremely enthusiastic about this celebration in the past, as it
promotes cultural expression and individuality. Please help in our continued success
with the program as a participant or volunteer. Our students and school community will
be grateful for your interest and support.

If you are interested in supporting the program in any of the above referenced areas,
please contact

Thank you for your efforts, and we hope to see everyone at the event!


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