Cassie Arrington


Allen Baldwin

Newspaper, Yearbook

Bethany Barnes

SpEd Aide

Lindsey Boettger

ISLE Teacher

Caitlan Broccoli


Rondell Bullen

FALS Teacher

Marion Childs

SpEd Aide

Amarilis Chinnici

Spanish 1

Travis Guffey

Career Pathways

Laurie Guthrie

Professional Communications

Blake Hearne

8th Grade Inclusion/Resource ELA

Holly Henao

Theatre Arts

Marquis Lewis

AC Aide

Michael Lindeman

SPED Inclusion Teacher

Carlos Lopez

Assistant Band Director

Gabbrielle Lusk

SpEd Inclusion Teacher

Quianna McWiliams

Content Mastery Teacher

Zinny Okechukwu Obibest

SpEd Aide

Lucy Pascasio

7th and 8th Grade Band

Steven Perry

Leadership, Coach

Ashley Pruitt

7th and 8th Reading Specialist

LaToya Ramsey

Skills for Living

LaQuisha Ross

Social Studies Teacher, Health, Coach

Ronetta Sawatzki

Fine Arts

David Sawyer

Boys Athletic Coordinator

Rebecca Waggoner

Tech Apps, Coach

Melissa Walker

PE, Girls Athletic Coordinator

Madison Welch


Whitney West

SPED Inclusion Teacher